Naturims is for many about embracing the joy of living and experiencing nature in the most natural way possible. Nudity and relaxation is to let yourself totally free. A great activity to gain that goal is to get out in nature and canoeing or kayaking in the nude. Canoeing and kayaking can be great fun for singles, couples, families and groups. It is a wonderful way to experience the nature. Need a reason? Take a look below

  • Swim without a clingy swim suit
  • Feel the warm sun on your body
  • Don’t worrie about changing clothe in a small tent
  • Lounge around camp in comfort
  • Experience the freedom of being unencumbered by clothing

It will be a good idea to have some clothing with you for covering up when encountering other individuals – there is no need to offend people. Nude kayaking

Do you have any experience with naked canoeing and kayaking?

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