There are no official nude beaches in India as far as I know, but there are places where it is possible to get some sun without tan lines.


Among tourists, this beach is really famous for its natural beauty and topless beaches. The beach Islands of Lakshadweep has a rich coral reef and lagoons. Agatti Island Beach is undisturbed naturally unspoilt and unseen. The beaches are covered palm trees, coconut grove and is literally a paradise.

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Arambol Beach – Goa

The beach is located in North Goa and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. It is no wonder this beach has become so popular among tourist from all over the world.

The winter months is high season for tourists. If you want fewer tourists try to visit the beach outside the winter months.

When visiting the beach you must check out the famed local mud that visitors love to use on their skin.

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Om Beach

This beach has two fresh water springs and beautiful red cliffs which make the place unique. Located at the northern corner of Bardez Taluka just opposite Chapora River.

The name “Om beach” comes from the shape of the beach, it has a shape of “OM” but you need to see it from Helicopter.

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Public nudity is not legal in India. The mentioned beaches are places where it should be possible to go nude without any fear of harassment. Try going to more secluded areas or places where other also tend to be bare or topless. You are in a country that might have other cultures than yours, be careful not to offend people with your behaviour.

You also should notice, that I haven’t been on all the beaches mentioned in the article, and that information is gathered from research

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  1. There have been various people trying to start naturist organizations in India over the last few years, but have not been as successful as Thailand Naturists. Thailand Naturists have been doing quite well over the last 7 years.

    1. That might be very true….

      You are quite welcome to write a guest post for Spotnaked about the best beaches to be nude in Thailand 🙂

  2. bonjour PETER je suis bèlge et solidaire a 100 pour 100 du naturismes mon rêve depuis toujour mais jais une femme qui est contre mais malgré tout je vous félicite pour vos aiticles et commentaires cela mémerveille jaime sentir le vent frolé mon corpt quand je suis nue être libre de mes vêtement le regard des autres ne me gène absolument pas ce qui nes pas le cas de ma femme qui ne fera jamais de nudisme ce qui est bien domage peu être a cause d’un trop plein de pudeur ou de gène.

    1. Hi

      My french is really bad – therefore your comment was translated with Google Translate and I might have missed something. I am glad to hear that you like my articles and reading about naturism even though that your wife don’t share your interest in naturism. My wife wasn’t much into naturism in the beginning either, but time sometimes changes the perspective.

      Happy reading – I hope that I can inspire in some ways…

  3. We want to nude beach I don’t know where its

  4. We want to visit once a nude beach but I don’t know where it

  5. Hi Peter pls share more about natuism organisation in india and in other countries..

    1. I will try to find more information about places all over the world. If you have some places you would love share the feel free to write 🙂

    1. for people like amit nudity is not legalese in india. they are so desperate. Get married ass hole

  6. There are nice deserted beaches south of Wyalli Kuppam on the east coast. Yes you woukd have to drive and walk some, but they look nice.

  7. Hii peter
    i want nude beaches but dont know where it is.

  8. Hi everyone , I am travelers best friend , I know many nude beach in india

  9. Contact me before coming to India. I shall help you to travel around and can show you every possible thing here and that too with full security. India is the best place in the world to travel – YES I must say – may be there are few cases of harassment but none of us support this and our government also take serious action against those criminal.
    I have travelled almost most of the European Cities !!! I know what is what

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