3 reasons to sleep in the buff

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If you stayDo you sleep in the buff? Well I do and I love it – here are three reasons why you should do it too.

You sleep better in the nude

If you haven’t got clothes on while sleeping you will actually sleep better. The reasons is the falling body temperature during the night, this is actually important to have fairly cool surroundings while sleeping. If you have a pajamas it will retain the excessive heat.

Prevent infections

If you sleep without panties, you get air to your genitals, and it can prevent infections,

Lose weight

When you sleep more soundly will decrease your level of the stress hormone cortisol. This will again help keeping your energy and hunger levels in check. The good thing is that sleeping in the buff helps you sleep more soundly.
When your sleep is disrupted, your cortisol will be high when your wake up alarm goes off. This will make you more likely to wake up hungry for comfort foods-and more likely to overeat them.

Sleep naked and enjoy life

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Pussy Riot gives speak on this year’s Roskilde Festival in Denmark

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Pussy Riots in actionRoskilde Festival are generally about music and fun, but there is actually a more serious part of the Roskilde Festival. Therefore Pussy Riot has been invited to this year’s Roskilde Festival. They are going to talk about their case and their activist actions.

Friday, July 4th at 17:30 enter the two previously imprisoned members Nadya Tolokonnikova and Masha Alyokhina up at the Gloria stage to highlight their newly founded organization ‘Zona Prava’ (Rights zone), which aims to monitor detention conditions for prisoners in Russian prisons and focus on the suppression of human rights, writes the Roskilde Festival in a statement.

It is actually very natural that Roskilde Festvial supports the activists, because it has a long tradition for focusing on human rights. The festival spokeswoman Christina Bilde tells, that they are very happy that Nadya and Masha from Pussy Riot has decided to accept our invitation to visit the festival.

The two artists and political activists have gained some personal experiences where they have been deprived of their artistic freedom and civil rights. The kind of relationship can be difficult to understand in a safe and secure society like Denmark. But all the more reason for us to draw attention to the seriousness of the situation may be beyond our borders – Christina continues.

300000 DKK/ 55000 USD will be donated from the Roskile Festival to the newly formed orginization.

Read more about Pussy Riots on Wikipedia or on their official blog

Photo was taken from Pussy Riots official website

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Topless demonstration in NYC

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A group of women dropped their bra for the rights to show their nipples. It was “Free the nipple” movement who had gathered for demonstration on Washington Square in New York to show their opposition against censorship of the female body on social medias and the internet in general.

Personally I think it is great that somebody shows the world that we don’t like the censorship. Lina Esco (founder of “Free the nipple” says
- What we do is not about nipples. Free the nipples are our Trojan horse, but it’s about more things that affect us in everyday life.

- It’s not about sitting topless at a cafe, but that a woman can not take the sun topless next to a man who has every right to do so, she continues.


“Free the nipples” has previously got lot of attention when Bruce Willies daughter Scout Willis took of her shirt in NYC while shopping. She posted the picture on Instagram with the hashtag #freethenipple to set focus on Instagram’s policy which prohibits nudity.

Her comment for the people who don’t like the photo was “My comfort with my body should not be dictated by how others perceive me. However, I don’t wish to force this view on anyone,” and continues “If you don’t like what you see, simply unfollow me.” she tweeted.

Line Esco contributes to the issue of Instagram by saying:
- It’s amazing that Instagram accept images that sell automatic weapons that could potentially kill other people, but they will not allow non-sexual images of a woman who goes topless around New York to raise awareness of the extreme lack of balance in our culture where violence being glorified, and the female body is indecent and offensive,

This kind of demonstrations is in my opinion needed to fight against the growing censorship of nudity on social medias. I really don’t get it why it should be ok to post violence, weapons and stuff like that, but not legal to show a nude body, not even if it is a non sexual image. I really don’t get it – we were born naked and nakedness is our natural state. Weapon is not a natural state and we definitely wasn’t born with a gun in our hands. Why is it that nudity is so dangerous?

What do you think of “Free the niplle” protests and similar protests?

Follow Free the nipple on Twitter
Follow Free the nipple on Facebook
Picture was taken from Free the nipples Facebook page.

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7 reasons why I would love to visit Croatia as a naturist

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Rab - CroatiaAs always on this time of year – I am planning my summer vacation. This year I am fallen in love with Croatia. I have never visited the country before – but here are my 7 reasons why I would love to visit Croatia as a naturist.

Reason 1: Widely accepted

Naturism is widely accepted in Croatia. Croatian Adriatic coast is actually among the friendliest naturist destinations of the world.

This is not surprising when you know that the first naturist beach was opened on Paradise Beach on the island of Rab in 1934.

Reason 2: Lots of naturist beaches

There are plenty of beautiful beaches – I loooove a nice beach where I can relax with my family. Clear blue water just gives me something. Besides clear water many beaches in Croatia also seems to be in a very beautiful natural environment. I like when beaches is located in nature.

With more than 1000 islands it should be possible to find a beach which suites me :-)

Reason 3: Relative cheap

It is relative cheap as a visitor in Croatia if you compare it to Denmark, France and other places in Europe.

On restaurants and in markets it should be cheaper than many other places around Europe especially compared to Denmark where I live.

Reason 4: Good accommodation possibilities

It should be possible to find naturist accommodation that fits me in Croatia. There are more than 30 official naturist resorts and beaches, besides that there is a large range of unofficial naturist accommodations.

In many countries around the world it can actually be hard to find a great place to stay nude – it seems like it should be fairly easy in Croatia (if there is something vacant).

Found this list of FKK campsites and beach resorts helpful

Reason 5: Lots to see

On pictures and in guide books it looks like there is a lot to do and see in Croatia.. I am pretty sure there is a lot of exciting culture, and a lot of wonderful nature to explore.

I like it when I can combine both beach, nature, culture and adventure on one trip. I would get bored if I stayed at the beach for a hole week. The exploring combined with a nice beach gives me the biggest satisfaction on a vacation. Especially if I can stay nude at the beach and on some of the small adventures.

Reason 6: Naturist sailing

I would love to go on a naturist sailing trip – I have never tried sailing nude and think it could be a very exciting adventure to explore. I am pretty sure that my family would find it interesting too.

I haven’t found many places on around the world that offer the possibilities to sail naked, especially if you’re not a captain yourself.

Reason 7: The weather

The weather in the summer period in Croatia is brilliant. There is good high temperatures and a lot of sunny hours. This a one thing that I prefer when going on a naturist vacation. The weeather is warmest in July and August, but also June and September has quit decent temperatures. I found info on Croatia Naturally very useful.

Have you visited Croatia? – Please write your opinion about the country

Where do you dream of going to on your next naturist vacation?

Image is from Croatia National Tourist Board

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5 reasons why breastfeeding in public is ok

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breasteedingThere seems to be an endless battle, about if it’s ok to breastfed a baby in public spaces. Well! – that is how it seems to be in Denmark anyway – and the war has just broken out again between two danish politicians.

Özlem Cekic is a danish politician who is trying to make et legal by law to breastfeed in public spaces, unfortunately there is a lot of narrow minded people who is against it. Here are some of the arguments against the law from Özlem Cekic Facebook page

- It is also natural to walk around naked. I personally have no desire to see other women’s breasts in public spaces. Even when they are breastfeeding, Pernille HS writes in one of the nursing hostile comments

- Ayoe Janne Sørensen says – It may well be that breastfeeding is a natural thing in life, but I feel like shit and really don’t want to look at it when I’m at the cafe, restaurant, etc..

- Nathalia Holm says – I think it belong at home home. I can accept it now, but I thoughts it was gross when I was younger. It belongs especially NOT in cafes and restaurants!

5 reasons to breastfeed in public

Fortunately there is also a lot of good good comments – here is my 5 reasons why breasfeeding in public is ok

  1. The baby needs food – will you starve a hungry baby?
  2. When a baby is hungry it crys (not exactly nice to listen to) – Feeding the baby stops the crying
  3. It is actually natural that mothers feed there children. It has always been like that -after all we are mammals
  4. Breastfeeding in public shows the world that breasts is not just a sexual part of the body.
  5. Do you also think it was wrong when your parents breasteeded you? Or when your grandparents breasfeeded your parents? Probably not!

What is your opinion? Do you have same problems in your country

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