Naturism / nudism in Canada

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canada-peggys-cove-631782_1920Do not let the cold weather that is synonymous with Canada give you the impression that naturism is an unlikely pastime here. On the contrary, naturism is well advanced in Canada than most destinations worldwide. The history of naturism in Canada is fascinating. Naturism in Canada began with a religious sect — the Doukhobors. They were Russian immigrants that settled in western Canada and practised nudity occasionally when working in the fields. A section of the Doukhobors, the Freedomites, stripped publicly during the mass protests of 1900s to object government assimilation policies. Van Tan Club was Canada’s first naturist club in 1939. It still operates to date in North Vancouver, BC.

Naturism / nudism in Cyprus

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Karpaz beach CyprusYou will be spoilt for choice when it comes to naturist sites and recreation spots in Cyprus. Besides, the weather is awesome throughout the year. You can expect the sun as early as 5:30 in the morning with a likelihood of setting out all day. This is a safe haven for naturists with a year round sunshine and breath-taking views and temperate seas. Here are my picks for your naturist holidays.

Naturism / nudism in Italy

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Lagoon Beach SardiniaIf you are looking for a naturist holiday, then Italy is where you should go! In a country where naturists make up about 23 percent of the population, Y With everything done with civility, Italian beaches are devoid of sex affairs, the guiding principle being free in nature and having a good time basking in the sun. But where did all this start?

Naturism / nudism in Mexico

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Rivera MayaThe beauty of Mexican beaches is in the bucket list of many naturists as the ultimate place to enjoy the sun’s rays and sunny beaches. All beaches in the country are a property of the federal government, and naturism is not officially authorized. However, that did not stop the establishment of beaches where naturists can go topless, swim, skin bath and sunbathe. There are a number of nude and optional clothing resorts. You can choose to set out and find your own secluded spots that are suitable for sunbathing and swimming in your birthday suit. Even though, naturism is not official here, if you succeed to get the exclusive spots, prepare for the greatest time of your life. Here are a few ideal and exclusive places to start you off.

Naked yoga – 6 benefits that you get from naked yoga

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woman-945822_1920The health and personal development benefits of naked yoga are well documented. However, naked yoga is a relatively new concept and you could be wondering whether it is getting fetish or there are indeed real health benefits to write about. It originated from the land of diverse and beautiful culture, India where it was practised by Naga Sadhus. Naked yoga will give you the health benefits of the conventional yoga and top it up with numerous image and wellness benefits. We will help you understand naked yoga better, the benefits and where you can practice.

Naturism / nudism in Lithuania

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lithuaniaLithuania is one of the most exciting vacation destinies in Europe. Do not mind the short summer season that runs for around five months from May to September. Lithuanians have mustered the art of enjoying it to the fullest. Its beautiful seaside resorts see an influx of 10 and sometimes even 100 times for the summer weekends. Innovators have also come with breathtaking new indoor developments to allow you go swimming in winter and ski in summer. Naturism has not been left behind because it is showing popularity among locals and tourists that visit to enjoy the unadulterated beaches.

Naturism / nudism in Fiji

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fijiNaturism is illegal in Fiji. Nudism is frowned upon in local areas, and the locals are naturally conservative. One can even be arrested and charged with indecent exposure if caught naked in public places. However, you can go nude in designated beaches just like in most countries; however, there are no official nude beaches in the country. Naturism in Fiji is not culturally accepted and is not tolerated. However, Fijian are generally polite, so they never jeer at naked tourists or tell them how unpleasant it is to see them naked.

Naturism / nudism in Seychelles

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anse lazio on praslin islandWith all the beauty of Seychelles, naturists would not want to be left out in enjoying the sunny beaches and breath-taking sceneries. Unfortunately, you can only go clothing-free in a secluded and private setting to avoid rubbing the authorities the wrong way. Here is all you need to know about naturism in Seychelles.

Naturism / nudism in Ukraine

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OdessaYou will be forgiven for assuming that naturism was born and bred in the former Iron Curtain economy of Ukraine. You could say it is the long winters or the recent long history with meagre living that turned this cheap, effortless past time of naturist amusement into such a thrilling and sought after experience. Or perhaps it could be that people around here know a good thing when they see it. Whichever way you look at it, Ukraine has made a name for itself among naturism enthusiasts.

Naturism / nudism in Bangladesh

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bangladeshNaturism in Bangladesh is an interesting concept. First of all, it is illegal and rarely will you find any official nudist places or areas that tolerate nudism. Since majority of Bangladesh’s inhabitants believe in the popular religion of Buddhism, nudism is still frowned upon by most people and especially in public places. The fact that Bangladesh is often a target for teenage prostitution has discouraged the government from allowing nudism in public. Bangladesh is also a Muslim nation and nudism is like a spit to their culture.

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