3 ways to go nude in Egypt

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Sharm El SheikhYou probably think “Isn’t it illegal to be naturist in Egypt?” You are right – it is illegal!

Egypt is an Islamic country and nudity is illegal by law and the genreal attitude in Egypt is that “If you are nude, it is sexual”. Therefore I can not reccommend that you walk around in the buff in public. Remember that nudity is punishable in Egypt!

There are ways to get nude in Egypt though!

Tourism – makes nudity possible

Because of the fact that Egypt has a large dependency on tourism, there are ways to get nude in Egypt. Authorities are striving to a wide variety of tourists, and a part of them are those whop prefer to be naked in the sun. It is therefore not surprising that that toplessness is tolerated many resorts, but not officially allowed.

There also are a few resorts which tolerate nudity on their private beaches. The information you find below is not tested by me, but found through research.

Coral Beach Resort in Hurghada

The resort is not officially a naturist friendly resort. The resort itself is not naturist friendly but there is a nearby beach where nudity is widely tolerated.

Naturist wrote a blog post about the place on Active Naturists

Book and stay at Coral Beach Resort

Topless at resorts in Sharm El Sheikh & Hurghada

It is not unusual to see topless women on the resorts private beaches. It is not legal according to Egyptian law but it is accepted by resort. This doesn’t mean that you should disrespect the local culture and break the law but I am just saying that it occurs and it is not uncommon. It is up to your own code of ethics whether you find it acceptable, and you could also ask the staff it would be tolerated, but don’t expect a clear answer.

A travellers own experience about topless suntanning

Visit Israel

If you visit Egypt in the Sinai area of Egypt (Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab etc.) – you are not far from Israel.  Actually the distance from Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt to Eilat in Israel is only a 3 hour drive in car. The reason why that is interesting is that nudity is much more accepted in Israel. You can read much more about naturism in Israel on The Israeli Naturist Society.

You can read qNaturists article about snorkling in the Red Sea near Eilat on Active Naturists.

Write a comment

It has been really hard to find information about naturism in Egypt. Therefore I will really appreciate if you write me a comment if I am wrong in some way or if I missed some. I would also like to say thank you to a naturist Egyptian for the help.

Also worth a read Egyptian Nudist and A First Time Experience With Nudism In Egypt

Warning!!! It is illegal to be nude and topless in Egypt, this is therefore not an invitation to go nude in Egypt. This is a post about what happens in Egypt and what is possible. This can change very fast and therefore I will say be careful out there.

India’s hidden nude beaches

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There are probably not many who think naturism when dreaming of India. However, it is quite possible to find naturist beaches in this land of mystery. I have created a small collection of hidden nudist beaches in India.

Vagator Beach
The beach is known for its red rocks and springs. The beach is exotic, beautiful and is located at the northernmost corner of Bardez Taluka, opposite the Chapora River. Vagator Beach is split into two main beaches. Vagator Beach beach is very popular among foreign tourists who come to watch the sunset surrounded by red rocks. You also find the sculpture you see on the picture of this post.
On Vagator Beach, you can find facilities for eating, entertainment and Full Resorts & bars.

Ozran Beach
Ozra Beach is one of the lesser known nude beaches in Indiien, which is a little odd, when you consider that this is an amazing naturist beach. It is situated approximately 24 km (14.9 miles) from Panaji and is located near some pretty popular beaches in Goa, including Candolim, Calangute and Baga.

The beach is harder to get to than the more popular beaches. Every year there are many tourists visiting the beach to swim and sunbathe topless or nude. The naturist beach is exotic with swaying coconut trees and beautiful water.

Marari Beach
The beach is the perfect place to explore Kerela Backwaters. The beach is located in a small town called Mararikulam, about. 60 km. from Cochin. There are several attractions near Marari Beach, including Kumarakon Bird Sanctuary and Kerela backwater channels. Marari Beach is beautiful, isolated beach with a long beautiful coastline, where you can plan a perfect holiday for unadulterated enjoyment.
Find a place to stay near Marari Beach

Naturism on Curacao

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Curacao is a beautiful island country located in the southern southern Caribbean Sea. The population is only 150000 on an area of 444 km2 (171 sq mi) with a capital called Willemstad.

With a tropical climate and an average temperature on 27°C (80°F) year round and with a blue sea that offers a nice cooling down, it is the perfect place for naturism. Unfortunately public naturism is not allowed on Curaçao – but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t practiced.

Topless sunbathing

Topless sunbathing is seen on most beaches in the resort areas, but not on resort ground. Please note that this is not permitted by law, but is tolerated in the resort areas.

Clothing optional resort

There is only one nude resort in the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) and it is located on Curacao. The resort is called “The Natural Curacao” and it is a clothing optional resort for everyone who loves nature and who is fond of peace and quiet, and doesn’t like mass tourism.

The resort is eco-friendly and is located on a beautiful place at Curaca with an outstanding view, and where the trade winds make sure that the temperature is perfect.

Read more on Natural Curacaos homepage

Curacao Beaches Caribbean

2 Curacao Beaches & Water_Dutch

An Insider’s Guide to Curacao

The best of 2015 on Spotnaked

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Top 5 most read articles during 2015

Below you can find the top 5 most read articles on Spotnaked during 2015. Some of them was also most read last year.

India’s hidden nude beaches
There are probably not many who think naturism when they think of India. However, it is quite possible to find naturist beaches in this land of mystery. That is probably also the reason why so many of you love to read this article.
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3 nude Cooking videos
A collection of 3 videos with people cooking naked.
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3 secret ways to be nude on Bali
Officially it is not legal to go nude on beaches and public places in Indonesia. Bali has an other background than most of Indonesia, and is strongly influenced by tourists – this has created some nudist friendly opportunities on Bali.
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Inspiration: Nude beach yoga
There is nothing more wonderful than to feel the beach sand between your toes and a gentle breeze blowing on one’s naked body while exercising yoga.
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Nude sailing holidays are an increasingly popular way of spending a holiday. That is probably also the reason why this article was so popular in 2015 on Spotnaked.
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Top 5 most read articles from 2015

The list below shows which articles from 2015 you seemed to like the most.

3 nude beaches in India
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This article is written by the founders of Tropical Costa Rica – the article is about how they started their Clothing Optional complex.
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Women in Rio in topless protest
Brazilians demonstrated at Ipanema Beach – they fought for their rights to bathe topless on the beach.
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Liberate your mind and body at naturist vacation f.ex at Formentera
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I hope you enjoy what you read on Spotnaked in 2015, and that you will continue reading my blog in 2016 where new exciting initiatives will be created.

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