Women in Rio in topless protest

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Topless protest in rio
Photo: EFE/Antonio Lacerda
Brazilians demonstrates At Ipanema Beach – they fight for their rights to bathe topless on the beach.

If women bathing topless on one of the beautiful beaches of white sand, they risk up to 1 year in prison.

In the strictly Catholic country regarded this fact as an obscene act.

But the Brazilian women want their rights to walk bare breasted on the beach. Therefore, the Tuesday under heavy media presence, gathered at Ipanema beach in Rio, where more women threw the top.

I can only say that I support their mission – why is it ok for men to go topless, but not for women?

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5 reasons to visit Le Colombier naturist camping

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Baignade nocturne - nachtzwemmen
In the summer 2014 my wife and I visited Le Colombier Naturist camping with our 5 year old son. We didn’t know much about Le Colombier Naturist camping and we didn’t know much about the area. We had a splendid time there and can reccommend that other naturists visit the place, it is absolutely worth it. Here is my top 5 reasons why Le Colombier Naturist camping is worth a visit.

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Why is a nudity more offensive than murder?

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Nude murder
I keep wondering why it is such a big thing that a person show their body naked. Today it is illegal for a woman to be topless and breastfeed in public in 35 US states. In less tolerant states can an exposed nipple put a woman in jail for up to three years and cost $2,500 fine. How can that be such a big thing?

Super Bowl

Do you remember this scene. One sees Justin Timberlake in a sliding motion dance toward Janet Jackson, standing close to her, and a little awkwardly move your hand toward her chest, just as he sings: “Bet I’ll be You Naked …”. In 9.16 seconds watching millions of viewers a bared breast with a star-shaped necklace over the nipple. Nobody remembers what happened after the break in the Super Bowl fight that night in 2004 at Houston’s Reliant Stadium. But all remember seeing a naked breast. In USA this was a major scandal, and probably also in many other countries. In Denmark it wasn’t a big thing though.


I was recently banned on Facebook, for posting one or more images which showed a bare nipple. If I had posted a picture of a manslaughter og violence I most likely wouldn’t get banned. I just can’t get into my head why murder is much more accepted than nudity. We were born naked and naked is our natural state – why have we become so afraid of who we really are?

The right to choose

I believe in that people should have the right to be free in there living as long as they don’t harm other people. If you prefer to be nude, are gay, muslim or other religions etc. I believe in that all should have the freedom to choose. This freedom comes with ressponsibility – the responsibility to not push people to do things that are against there will, and the responsibility to be open minded to others. We all have our small fragments of strangeness – I love it.

I do not think we should cultivate violence, by legalizing violence and murder of social medias, while prohibiting natural things such as nudity on social medias. This distortion of what is ok and what is not ok, will cause problems in the form of more violence and body image problems.
When you frequently see violence and dead bodies without problems on example Facebook you will overtime think of it as natural. I don’t want violence and murder to be natural- will you?
When you never see a naked body, and when people are banned for posting a naked body on Instagram or Facebook, you will start thinking this is bad, this is not natural, this is not ok. In the end you will start wondering how an average naked body looks like. I don’t think this is a good development.

I believe we should start promoting the natural and good things in life instead of promorting bad things.

Shouldn’t we promote what is good in live, shouldn’t we promote what is natural?

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Inspiration: Nude beach yoga

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Nude beach yogaIt has been some time since I last posted some naturist inspiration. This time it is nude beach yoga, probably because I miss the sun so much here in December. The inspiration is based on 3 videos with nude beach yoga. I hope you get inspired.

Nude yoga on the beach

Pure Nude Yoga

Pure Nude Yoga – Ocean Goddess Trailer

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SpotNaked the best of 2014

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Looking back on 2014The year is on its end and we are all started looking forward to 2015 and what the year will bring. I have looked back on the past year and on what you liked the most on my blog. Below you get the top 10 most read posts on my blog in 2014.

India’s hidden nude beaches

There are probably not many who think naturism when they think of India. However, it is quite possible to find naturist beaches in this land of mystery. I have made a small collection of hidden nudist beaches in India.
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3 nude Cooking videos

The title tells the story – three videos with nude cooking collected in one video.
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Naturist friendly beaches on Bali, Indonesia

A collection of naturist friendly spots on Bali. Some of them might not be worth the risk, others might be worth it.
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Kindi Stone – “I’m a nudist and I love it”

Well I think I need to let Kindi Stone talk for herself.
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50 natural nordic women in the buff

Danish Fashion Photographer Søren Rønholt has created a photo project where 50 woman shows everything, without styling and makeup.
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5 reasons why you should go on naturist vacation with children

How many times have you been travelling with children as a naturist? This post gives an insight into why it can be a really good idea to travel with children on naturist vacations.
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Growing up Nudist documentary

Extreme Parents Growing up Nudist documentary from ABC News – Is it really that extreme? Meet the Reamers, a family of four living at a nudist camp.This is a documentary from ABC news
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Activity inspiration: Naturist sailing

Nude sailing holidays are an increasingly popular way of spending a holiday. There are probably many reasons why – you can get inspired in my post about naturist sailing.
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Naked hiking tips

Naked hiking is getting more and more popular, and it is actually a wonderful way to experience nature, If you haven’t been hiking naked before you might need some basic advices.
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4 reasons why young people are not naturists

It seems like a endless problem – naturists seems mainly to be male, 45+. I would love if there were more young people. Here is my 4 reasons why there aren’t more young naturists.
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A little from my own clothes free life – Guest post by Bjarne

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BjarneWe are struck by a paradox between that we have been afraid to show own bodies naked while a public space that is overexposed with bodies and nudity.

I have a lifetime had the most naturally without clothes on the beach

I have always had a relaxed attitude to nudity in every way – my own as well as others – just a clothes free life as much as possible

And therefore also standing as a model for various nude photos, bodypainting etc. when I have been asked

I have gone to the naked yoga in yogafactory, Copenhagen – unfortunately, with too few participants – but hopefully it comes back – and moreover an obvious opportunity as hotyoga – and nakedyoga is by no means as transboundary as someone might think and certainly not with a lot of sweat in the face – latest news I’ve heard today is, that there will be naked yoga again in early 2015 in a different place in Copenhagen

Just be in the moment as you are – namaste

Love to do a little morning exercise at home every morning – and it’s done fine in the bar ass whether it’s with hula hoop ring or “plank” or various yoga exercises, hand weights etc.

Love to attend midnight bathing with saunagus which are held regularly in an old bath house in Copenhagen, it’s with mixed age and gender – optional clothing – so it isn’t really a naturist place, but people just are complete relaxed and most naked – and a nice social atmosphere.

Always without modesty

Author Bjarne

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