Facebooks crazy censorship

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Facebook censorshipWe all know that naked breast on Facebook is illegal, this could hurt somebody, but I don’t know how. If it is a breastfeeding mom they might look at the picture and say – hey this might actually be ok, otherwise it is porn.

If it is a video of a kitten let in fire, it is ok. Apparently Facebook don’t think it is a bad thing that two men pour lighter fluid over a kitten and set fire to the poor kitten. The burning kitten tries to run away, but ends its live in a plastic bag. Unfortunately this is the reality, not pure spin.

I think that is horrible, and lots of Facebook users think it is horrible too. Many Facebook users has actually complained about that video, but apparently Facebook thinks it is ok. They say that users can expect that kind of content when they are on a global social network.

I got news for you Facebook – here in Denmark, it is actually not illegal to show a naked body on a picture and it isn’t even illegal to take a skinny dip in the sea. Why is it that I can’t post a picture of a topless or naked woman in a non sexual act? Many people doesn’t have a big issue about a topless woman, but I do believe that many people have a problem with torturing animals.

Stop the misguided censorship Facebook

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Nude beaches in the Vendée, France

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Beach in the VendeeThe Vendée is a part of the Pays de la Loire region in France. Three is a long stretch of beaches, where yoi also will find naturist beaches or naturist friendly beaches. Below you will find a list of naturist/naturist friendly beaches.

La Terrier

The beach is located close to the town of La Tranche-sur-mer. When you arrive at the beach from the parking space, then walk about 500 meter and you will see a white sign. Past the white sign you will find naturists. Read my guide to the beach

Les Conches

This beach is located in the commune of Longville sur Mer. This is not an official naturist beach but naturism is tolerated there. You will find the naturists at a long stretch of the beach running south towards la Terrier.

La Faute sur Mer

There is an official naturist beach at the point d’Arcay, at la Plage de Barrique beach. La Farte sur Mer is the most southerly beaches in the Vendée.

Le Petit Pont

Official naturist beach located at Notre Dames de Dunes in the commune or Bretignollies sur mer. There is access to the beach from rue de la Grande Sauzaies near the village of Grivand and also access from camping Cypress near the Pont de Jaunay.


This official naturist beach – it is a stretch of 4km and there is access to the beach from both ends of the beach. Check out picture from the beach on Tripadvisor


This naturist beach can located about 7km west of Olonne-sur-Mer. The naturist part of the beach has signs marking the official naturist sections of the beach You can also find it on GPS by typing the following coordinates.
Latitude: N:46° 33.798’ , Longitude: W:1° 50.298’

Les Lays

This is another of the Vendees official naturist beaches. The beach is located south of the parking lot of Lays and around 200 meters of it to the limit of Notre Dame de Monts. You can also find the beach on GPS by typing in the following coordinates:
Latitude: 46.8653 (46° 51′ 55.07), Longitude: -2.1473 (-2° 8′ 50.28)

Les Salins

500 meter of Les Salins is officially for naturists. It is signposted near the grande Bec just south of St.Jean de Monts.

The list of beaches was inspired by a list i got from the friendly staff at Le Colombier Naturist Camping.

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The summer heat creates nudists?

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11967481_mThe summer heat has made people search for nudist beaches on Google.

There has been temperature records during the summer in Denmark, this has made people search a lot more for nudist beaches, according to Christine Sørensen from Google. Normally there is a rise in searches for nude beaches during July in Denmark, but this year it has been signifcantt – there has been the double amount of searhces compared to last year, says Christine.

“Dansk Naturist Union” DUN (Danish Naturist Organization) – say that they also have noticed that the danes has become more interested in going nude on beaches and camp sites. Herluf Nielsen from DUN tells that they see the same significan interest in going nude and that danes in general has become more interested.
He continues and tells that “He think that people in Denmark has become more open for nudism, because many Danes travel to Southern Europe during their summer holidays – where nudity on the beaches is much more common”.

Being a naturist my self and also living i Denmark – I think it is great news, that more people tend to be interested in nudism. I can only agree with Herluf that the liberal approach to being nude on the beach n countries like France, Spain, Portugal and Croatia probably has a great impact on the growing interest of nude beaches. Danes actually travel a lo, especially in the summer, where the mentioned countries is very popular countries to visit

The question is – Is it the summer heat that creates new nudists or is it the impact of our vacations?

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La Terriere naturist beach in France

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La TerriereThe beach La Terriere is located near the town La Tranche sur mer.

The beach is one of the finest beaches in the Vendée. With nice sand and a constant reward of blue flag, makes this beach really worth a visit.

The waters / waves is a bit wild, which nakes it great fun to be there. If you have children, do be aware of the waves and the undertow, it can be dangerous for children.


There is a carpark close to the sands, it can be very crowded during the summer season though. There is lifeguard, toilets and showes. The facilities is located by the textile part of the beach, and therefore not a fast access for people staying at the natruist part of the beach.

Getting there

I stayed at Le Colobmbier naturist camping when I was there, and got some great driving instructions whhich I will share with you right here.

The driving directions is from Le Colombier naturist camping to the beach:

  • From St. Hermine take the D137 in the direction of Lucon (11 km).
  • At roundabout go right on to the D949 (5 km).
  • At the next roundabout in Lucon take direction “Les Sables d’Olonne”.
  • At the next roundabout go to the right. Turn left in the direction of “Les Sables d’Olonne”.
  • Follow the D949 for 9km turn left in the direction of “La Tranche sur Mer via Curzon” – D46 (Beware! There is a dangerous left hand turn on a bend to the left also).
  • Continue through St. Benoist sur Mer, then at the roundabout take the third exit – D747 – in the direction of “La Tranche sur Mer” (8 km). In La Tranche sur Mer, at the first roundabout turn right, at the second roundabout turn right again. As you enter the village of La Terriere you will see white houses on your left.
  • Drive into the centre and follow signs for “La Plage”. Parking is available behind the beach.
  • Once on the beach turn right and walk approx. 500 meter to the naturist area (beyond the large white sign).

    I got this inforamtion from “Wim De Zwarte” on Facebook. The coordinates for the beach should be N:46° 21.558’ – W:1° 28.524’
    Thanks for sharing :)

    More inspiration

    Read more about the Vendee in France: Vendee Guide

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3 reasons to sleep in the buff

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If you stayDo you sleep in the buff? Well I do and I love it – here are three reasons why you should do it too.

You sleep better in the nude

If you haven’t got clothes on while sleeping you will actually sleep better. The reasons is the falling body temperature during the night, this is actually important to have fairly cool surroundings while sleeping. If you have a pajamas it will retain the excessive heat.

Prevent infections

If you sleep without panties, you get air to your genitals, and it can prevent infections,

Lose weight

When you sleep more soundly will decrease your level of the stress hormone cortisol. This will again help keeping your energy and hunger levels in check. The good thing is that sleeping in the buff helps you sleep more soundly.
When your sleep is disrupted, your cortisol will be high when your wake up alarm goes off. This will make you more likely to wake up hungry for comfort foods-and more likely to overeat them.

Sleep naked and enjoy life

Source: Yahoo

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