Danish singer encourage bare bums

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The danish singer Szhirley is involved in a new children’s song ‘Barrøvsindianer’, which is about how nice it is to run around with bare bums

Children should be allowed to be free Szhirley says in an interview. As a parent and a naturist I can only agree with her.

She continues
– It is the world’s coolest song on the very best, that we all knew when we were little. Namely running around with a bare butt at home, in the garden, in the park and on the beach, writes the 38-year-old musician, who in 2013 was hosted by the children’s Eurovision Song Contest, on her Instagram profile.

Shirley has a hidden agenda in the music, she want to set focus on that it is ridiculous, to get worked up about small children without much clothes on playing with each other.

– Can’t we just stop the stupid sexualization of children showing each other their small willy and suchlike? It must you who have a serious problem. There’s something wrong with you if you can not bear to see a 4-year child with a bare bum building sand castle at Bellevue beach (popular beach in Denmark, Copenhagen), writes the pop singer.

The song is written by Kalle B. (know from TV with his songs for children). Besides Szhirley the producer Christoffer Stjerne is also involved in the song.

Source: Ekstrabladet

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Formentera, Spain for naturists – worth the visit

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Bjarne Bødker
I live in Denmark / Copenhagen

I have a lifetime had the best of nude bathing and have never seen own or others’ nudity as an issue – probably a little hippie-like on this point

I have never been involved in anything associational, because what I feel is natural does not need to get into the “box”

I have never called me naturist. I have only used the word naturist if I searched online

Once nude bathing very common in Denmark, but I feel it has changed and liberty has moved south, especially to Spain.

I love self summer holidays in ibiza and especially formentera regarding naturist life and be able to swim, sunbathe and play beach tennis naked – the great sense of liberty everywhere.

At Ibiza my favorite beach is Salinas around Sa Trinxa

At formentera I love to stay in Es Pujols at because of cafe life at night – a day’s fifth min. walk to the beautiful naturist beaches

The crystal clear, turquoise-colored water and, and the possibility of nude bathing almost everywhere – optional-clothing – attracts – the equal gender and age distribution – and of course the weather is also a definite plus.

Favorite beach is clearly Platja des Canyers 5 min. walk from Es Pujols west. A small beach only 85 meters long, but very cozy and where up to 70% are naturists. Most have food and drink with, but otherwise there are only 5 min. walk to one of the sides to find what you want to eat / drink at a cafe. So many people are the same we meet year after year and get to know, whatever country they are from.

Whether you are into snorkeling or beach tennis can Platja des Canyers clearly recommended.

Of course there are many other beaches eg. Migjorn which is also visited by bicycle. The beaches all the way from Es Pujols up against Playa Llevant to Es Palmador I would definitely recommend. Illetas is too crowded in July / August. But 5 minutes walk to the other side you get to the much quieter Levante beach.

The released, a little hippie-like atmosphere – and bohemian atmosphere everywhere on Formentera indictments. If you love the cozy cafés in the evenings I would definitely recommend to stay in or near Es Pujols.

Always without modesty

written by Bjarne

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Alyssa Milano is surprised about reactions on breastfeeding images

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In Denmark we have had our share of the breastfeeding debate. Why is it that people think it is such a big thing that a mom breastfeeds in a public area, I don’t get it, but other people think it is discusting. It seems like it is not just in Denmark the debate is taking place.

41 year old American actress Alyssa Milano, who is best known for her role as Phoebe in “Charmed”, has posted two pictures on her Instagram profile, where she feeds her newborn daughter.


The images has led to a large number of comments. Several persons applaus praises Alyssa Milano for putting such daring pictures online, and for being open about breastfeeding. Others are more negative, and think that images like of that kind should’nt be shared on social media.

The negative comments got Alyssa Milano to the keys. On Twitter, she wrote that she could not understand how people can be offended by her nursing pictures, but the same people have absolutely no problems with Kim Kardashian butt pictures in Cover Magazine.

Subsequent she wrote on Twitter to her followers, that they should post pictures where they breast feed there infants. Afterwards she posted the pictures on Twitter to strike a blow for breastfeeding in public. A call which she later had to revise when she there was complaines about posting extremely many pictures in a short time on Twitter.

Now she “like” images. If you want a “like” on your breastfeed image, then you should just hashtagge his picture with #normalizebreastfeeding .

I think it is great when celebs use there status to make a statement for making the world a better place. Some don’t think this would make the world better, but I do. I really don’t understand how and why people has become so afraid of what is natural.

Do you think this kind of actions is for the better?

Source: Jyllands Posten

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The Danish city Holsterbro wants more naturists

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On the beachRingkøbing and Skjern in Denmark had great protests against naturist areas – but Holsterbro seems to take a different approach. Holsterbro is going to brand 2 naturist beaches.

Municipality of Holstebro will now make an effort to lure German naturist to the beaches of North Husby on the west coast and Handbjerg in the fjord. In Denmark it is already legal to take a dip naked on all beaches as long as you don’t disrupt anybody. But at a meeting on Monday decided municipality’s commercial and tourism committee to market the two beaches as naturist beaches. They want to target audience primarily the many members of the German response to naturists, Freie Körper Culture.

A considerate peoples

Ringkøbing- Skjern has similar plans in Vedersoe, which incidentally is the nearest neighbor to the North Husby. But here the plans were put on hold after massive protests from local holiday home owners.

The chairman Søren Olesen from the Industry and Tourism Committee in Holstebro, does not believe that naturists will cause any problems.

Søren says “- The Germans are the most considerate people currently in existence, so I really can not imagine how it would ever be a problem. Ringkøbing- Skjern apparently tourists enough that it can be delicate with who you want up here. We have not in Holstebro, he says.”

Source: www.tvmidtvest.dk

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