Video: Three Interviews worth viewing

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I have collected three naturist interviews i find worth viewing…

Interview with Morley Schloss

Interview with Morley Schloss, Nude Activist and the Co-owner of Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort in Loxahatchee, Florida. Morley talks on the 26th Annual Mid-Winter Naturist Festival that was held at Sunsport Gardens this past February 13 through 18, 2014.

Interview with Morley Schloss from Nude Beach News on Vimeo.

Interview with Carmen Hamm from The Naturist Society

Interview with Carmen Hamm, the Advertising Manager and Social Media Guru at The Naturist Society. Both Carmen and Nicky Hoffman were visiting at the Mid-Winter Naturist Festival at Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort.

Interview with Carmen Hamm from The Naturist Society from Nude Beach News on Vimeo.

Interview with Nicky Hoffman from The Naturist Society

An interview with Nicky Hoffman Lee, the Owner of The Naturist Society and the Editor of Nude and Natural Magazine, at the Mid-Winter Festival at Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort.

Interview with Nicky Hoffman from The Naturist Society from Nude Beach News on Vimeo.

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Why you need a social media free of censorship

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censoredI have been banned on Facebook a several times because of indecent pictures according to Facebook. Google+ ban your account for similar reasons, and many other medias has a ban approach which is similar to what Facebook and Google+ does. This censorship really annoys me, especially because the censorship is imposed in a totally wrong way.

Freedom to choose for yourself

I don’t understand how a woman breastfeeding or breast cancer body paintings or 19th century art for that matter can be a target for censorship? I can’t understand how a bare bum or breast can be that dangerous that it has to be a target for censorship while violence and torture pictures is not a target of censorship.

It seems crazy, that Facebook and other social medias dictate what is okay and what is not. Why can’t you, me, all of us not decide for our selves what we think is okay to read/view and what we don’t think is okay to read/view. It is not like it is impossible to make a feature which makes it possible for you to point out, what you want to watch and what you don’t want to watch.It could actually be as easy as you have a button saying “I don’t want this kind of content” on all posts, then Facebook could analyse, what you want and what you don’t want. This must be possible! After all they have made it possible to pick out, which of your postings should be banned. Why shouldn’t you have the freedom to choose for yourself?

That all said, I want to give Twitter credit for walking against the stream. They have chosen to take a different approach to censorship. They don’t censor nude pictures, politics and other stuff. On Twitter you have the freedom to express yourself. I really think, that is a very good approach – and I would love if more social medias, would have the same approach to censorship.

There are some problems with Twitter though. Twitter is a very fast media, where expressing yourself concise and the messages will “drown” within a couple of hours, because so much information is floating. Twitter should have credit for many good things during it’s lifetime and will continue to do great things. What should be said i,s that it is a much different media than both Facebook and Google+. You can not express a deep thought message, that requires little more than 140 characters to explain.

Distorted reality

What does all this censorship give us? I think it gives us a culture of distorted reality!

Nudity is made equal to pornography when you censor pictures of naked people in non sexual situations.

Body images becomes bad when every image of a natural woman/man is censored. How should young people know, how a normal body looks like – if every picture of a naked body they see is censored. The alternative becomes watching pornograph (on other medias). I have nothing against pornography, but the participators in porn movies is casted, and yes, looks does matter in movies, as well as retouching and styling is a big part of it. This gives a wrong impression of how a body looks like.

Violence is much more accepted than nakedness. No wonder, why some people gets a distorted mind and do crazy stuff.

I find it tragicomic, that Facebook is a social media made on social relations, based on the trust people in between. But, the trust stops in the name of censorship. It seems like, that you, me and all other users are not trustworthy enough to choose for ourselves, what should be censored and what should not.

All thi,s and many other sideeffects of censorship will make a distorted reality for our young kids. A world, where a naked body is not okay, but violence is ok.

What I need

What we need, is a media, where you can express yourself in the same ways, that is possible on both Facebook and Google+, where I can choose to write, what I want and show the pictures that I want. All users of the media should have the possibilty to say: “I don’t want this kind of post on my wall”, and the social media should learn from my actions and don’t show me the post I don’t want to be shown

I want a Social media where I decide which content is appropriate for me and not what is appropriate for all people around the world.

There might be some content which is not for everyone. Then make a “Explicit content prompting” and make people choose for themselves. The free choice is not actually a choice on Facebook and other Social Medias, it is a choice from “dictatorship”,  where one “unit” decides, what all people should do. In this case we talk about “unit” which affects most of the western world.

Every time you make a post, you could decide if you thought the material was “Explicit content” and other people could mark the post, a person made, as “Explicit content”.

There are many great ideas  for what a great social media could look like, but in short terms – I just want a censor free Social Media. I am pretty sure, that if we can handle war, rape, hate, and violence, surely we can handle seeing a naked body too!

What do you think about censorship on Social Medias?

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3 secret ways to be nude on Bali

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Nude yogaIndonesia has a strong cultural and religious background and public nudity is officially not allowed. The country has a majority of muslims which doesn’t allow nudity, but on The Island of Bali religious believes is much more mixed and there is a strong influence by tourists on the Island. This has created some nudist friendly opportunities on Bali. In this short post you will find 3 secret ways to be nude on Bali.

Nude Yoga

Placed in a place in a beautiful Villa Mathis Boutique Hotel on Bali, is a amazing “Luxury Nude Yoga Retreat”. You get a week full of nude yoga sessions, enlightening workshops and treatments.
Nagna Yoga (Nude Yoga) is a pure and liberating act of freedom and it is a perfect way to discover and respect your body in a natural way. This is a perfect to get back to you in breathtaking surroundings and atmosphere. Maybe this is something for you – you can read much more about The Luxury Nude Yoga Retreat here.

Naked Spa Treatments

Awaken your senses with indulgent therapies and treatments. There seems to be a great range of spa and wellness treatments in Bali. Some of the places offer more or less naked treatments. Places like Ayana Resort Bali, Bali Tropical Spa among others offers more or less naked treatments. You can also read this great post about Unconventional Bali Massage.

Nude resorts

You can actually stay at Bali without any worries about getting clothes.
Bali au Naturel offers nice accommodation for people who seeks meditation and peace. This place is a paradise according to the many reviews on Trip Advisor. There is a lovely restaurant by the beach where you can enjoy a great meal and a glass of wine, while the voice from the waves gives the perfect background music to this paradise.
This gay owned hotel accommodates men and women, singles and couples – you will find it on this address “Jalan Airsanih-Tejakula, Bondalem, Bali 81173, Indonesien”.

Another alternative for nude accommodation on Bali is Lakiuma Villa, notice this is a Gay Hotel.

I hope this can give som inspiration for your next trip to Indonesia – Bali.

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5 reasons why you should go on naturist vacation with children

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Family naturistHow many times have you been travelling with children as a naturist?
Maybe you haven’t been travelling with children as a naturist. The reason could be that you thought, it could be that

  • - this is too much out of the norm.
  • - it would bad for the children.
  • - people who are naturists are so beautiful – how will they look at me / us.

it could actually also be that there was no reason – you just haven’t thought about it.

Here are 5 reasons why travelling with children as a naturist is great idea.

Save money and time

When you travel as a naturist you don’t need as much clothing. Travelling as a family and a naturist will save you for a lot of packing/unpacking and might even save you a fair deal of money. Many low cost carriers doesn’t include luggage in their prices (except for hand luggage), they will charge you extra for a baggage.

Example – RyanAir has a fee on 25EUR for a 20kg bag – each way that is. If you are a family on 3 persons and normally needs to bring 3 bags then you probably could save, at least one bag while travelling as a naturist. 50EUR saved – that is actually not bad at all :)

Easier for the small ones and less comparison

Families with small children will find it easier travelling as a naturist – they don’t need to help the kid to get dressed when they want to get outside. The children will also find it more satisfying because they don’t need to ask for help everytime they need to get outside.

The older children will find it easier on their body image. They will not compare on who is got the right clothes and who hasn’t. In the buff we are all equal with our flaws and assets. The older children will find that when they mingle with other children the focus will not be on how you dress, but on who you are. I think that is a really good thing to learn as a child.

Children learn about their body

We live in a society where everything is hidden and everything is shown at the same time.

Let me explain: When many people hides their body on the beach, don’t take shows at school and in other ways hide their body. BUT at the same the body is also shown a lot in the medias – what is shown is a perfect body which has been photoshopped and manipulated. This mix gives a very confusing image of the human body – no wonder why children and young people has a bad body image.

When children is on a naturist beach, naturist resort or other places where nudity is ok. Then they will discover that their body might be normal and that all people have different and imperfect bodies. This will help the children accepting their body as it is.

Diversity leads to acceptance

I have kind of mentioned it before in this article – but diversity really leads to acceptance. This doesnt just count for the children but also for the parents – meet other people who like you have choosen to do something different than the norm, namely visiting a naturist location. Meeting other people who is doing things differently than the norm, makes you feel that you might not be so much on the wrong track as you thought.

Meeting other people and seeing their different bodies, also makes you accept, that your body is equally different. And ytes – you might think your hips is a bit to large and you have gained some weight after the birth of your wonderful child(ren) – so have many other mothers. That is actually ok.

Get back to you

Living together and accepting your own body, your families bodies and all the bodies at the naturist resort, will make you feel that you get much more back to yourself. Your family will feel that you/they are natural together and that it actually is ok to be natural together, because other people is natural together as well. You will soon discover that naturists tends to look much more in the eyes and there by be more at the moment listening to what you say instead of studying your boobs or other parts of the human body. It is really satisfying that one can find a inner peace in just being you.

Write me a comment about your experiences

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